Outdoors Unlocked

Will you help give everyone the chance to enjoy walking in nature?

Getting outside and walking in nature enriches our lives and boosts the nation's wellbeing. 

But almost 21 million people in England don’t have accessible green or blue space within a 15-minute walk of home. Many others face physical or social barriers to the outdoors.

The Ramblers is calling on the next government to introduce a transformational new Access to Nature Bill that breaks down the barriers to the outdoors in England.

Will you join us?

The Ramblers is already tackling barriers to the outdoors, but some can only truly be overcome if the next government commits to change. We have a set of proposals for a new Access to Nature Bill, which includes calls to:

  • Expand the freedom to roam
  • End the threat to unrecorded public rights of way
  • Create urban green routes that link nature-deprived parts of cities with green spaces
  • Create a more accessible and inclusive path network by removing unecessary barriers

Let’s unlock the outdoors for all.

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