Let’s unlock the outdoors for all

We've got just 10 days until the election - will you help us stand up for access to nature?

With a UK general election on 4 July, we have a golden opportunity to open up access to the outdoors - enriching everyone's lives and boosting the nation's health and wellbeing.

Almost 21 million people in England don’t have accessible green or blue space within a 15-minute walk of home, whilst many others face physical or social barriers to making the most of the access on their doorsteps.

The next government will be faced with critical decisions on public health, the NHS and the environment, so we need your support to ensure all political parties recognise the value of people having access to nature.

We’re calling on the next UK government to introduce a transformational new Access to Nature Bill that breaks down the barriers to the outdoors, and radically improves access to nature in England – join us and write to your candidates today.

Together, we can unlock the outdoors for all.

(NB: your post code will be shared with candidates so they can confirm you are a local resident, and so you can receive a response)

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